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Sourcing Working Capital

A wealthy business with strong revenues and high profits may or may not be a healthy one with sufficient cash flow to meet its future working capital needs. [ Read More ]

Book Keeping

We have experience in accounting services in all sectors, from small businesses to international groups. We will make you feel comfortable leaving your accounting management in the hands of our professionals.  [ Read More ]

Feasibility & Market Research

At Costwise Financial Consulting, we provide customised market research and feasibility study to all our clients depending on their product and the target market.  [ Read More ]


Costwise Financial Consulting provides a wide range of business advisory services from tax services, book keeping, sourcing working capital, market research. Whether your focus is in transforming your business or in sustaining performance and building your achievements, we can help you improve the performance and effectiveness of your business by examining everything from the core management, business processes to future directions .



Professionalism is the culmination of competence, knowledge, resourcefulness, quality, attitude, and cooperation related to how we provide our professional services.



Also known as perseverance, work ethic, commitment, drive, passion, sense of urgency, effort, or resourcefulness. More importantly, diligence is an understanding of what a priority is and what can be set aside for the time being.


We seek new opportunities and out-of-the-ordinary solutions. We use our creativity to find unexpected and practical ways to solve problems.

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